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World Day for International Justice

By Becca Stewart

On July 17, 1998, an international coalition signed the Rome Treaty. This treaty created the International Criminal Court, a judicial body that protects and defends human rights worldwide. Specifically, the Rome Treaty promotes international justice and protects against four international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression.

Many nonprofits are working to protect marginalized populations in communities around the world. On World Day for International Justice, we highlight several nonprofits working to secure a safe and equitable future for all citizens. 

World Day for International Justice

We recognize and celebrate World Day for Justice each July 17, commemorating the Rome Treaty signing. On this day, more than 120 countries that signed the treaty pause to remember those still fighting for equal rights and those we have lost along the way.

World Day for International Justice is a chance for the citizens of the earth to join together and demand justice for the downtrodden and mistreated among us. It’s a day for us to demand equality, bring awareness to the crimes still plaguing many humans around the world, and bring about change. 

Organizations that Support International Justice

If you want to promote international justice, consider donating your time or resources to one of these incredible organizations. As we commemorate World Day for International Justice, we honor all those who tirelessly work towards world peace and equality.

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International Justice Mission

Washington, D.C.

Throughout the world, poor citizens experience shocking violence and mistreatment. The International Justice Mission works to identify victims of violence, bring about justice for the perpetrators, and restoring safety to those living in poverty.

Those living in poverty face the threat of violence every day. Women, in particular, face a more significant threat. Human trafficking, property grabbing, physical and sexual violence, and extortion are all very real problems plaguing citizens in many countries. 

Working together with international and local leaders and police offices, IJM is helping victims find safety and security in their homelands. The organization seeks out perpetrators, bringing justice to those who prey on the poor and underserved.

“A gift to IJM has a significant chance of actually saving a person from slavery, forced prostitution, trafficking, or death. There are few places where one can give money and know that their gift has a high probability of achieving those goals. And those are but a few of the good things that IJM uses its donations to help achieve.”

-Father Ken, Professional with Expertise in this Field

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Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund

New York, NY

VGIF is an American-based nonprofit with advisors and board members from around the globe. The organization promotes equal rights and social justice for women and girls worldwide. VGIF believes that by empowering women through education, financial support, and global justice initiatives, communities will become safer and more equitable for women and girls.

The organization provides grants to female-led groups in developing nations. With these grants, the women and girls in each country can determine how to best use these funds, giving women the power to change their own communities.

VGIF has provided more than 600 grants over the course of 50 years, helping to promote social justice and equality in communities worldwide. 

“With VGIF’s support, we have been able to train over 1000 women and girls in various vocational skills. Not only have numerous households been empowered, but the outcomes of our VGIF assisted projects have changed the focus of some community-based organizations in our area from the provision of welfare packages to household economic strengthening.”

-Anonymous, Client Served

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Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

Washington, D.C. 

The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights continues the advocate’s mission of empowering and protecting marginalized citizens around the world. The RFK Center works with governments and organizations internationally, identifying human rights abuses and demanding change.

Through the organization’s efforts, many countries have restored order, brought justice to violent offenders, and created initiatives to help protect underserved and vulnerable populations. 

“The RFK Center is a well-established organization with a more than 40-year history of supporting the work of individuals who speak out against injustice, often at great personal risk, to make the world more fair, just, and peaceful.”

-Merrill P., Professional with Expertise in this Field

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International Bridges to Justice

Boston, MA

IBJ is committed to protecting human rights for everyone on the planet. The organization is especially dedicated to protecting the right of all humans to a fair trial and preventing cruel and unusual punishment. 

One program, IBJ China, has made great strides over the decades, helping overhaul and transform China’s justice system. The organization’s staff and volunteers train police officers in proper interrogation techniques, discouraging the use of harmful and deadly torture tactics. 

IBJ has also transformed justice systems and protecting citizens in Africa, Southeast Asia, and many other locations worldwide.

“The focus of IBJ’s mission impresses me. The rights of an accused person, and the effective invocation of those rights by a defender on behalf of the accused, are so fundamental to a fair and just society. Yet, the ordinary citizen accused of a petty crime is so easily forgotten among the numerous social justice causes clamoring for society’s attention. IBJ does not forget.”

-JoanMDarby, Board Member

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As we celebrate World Day for International Justice, please consider learning more about these organizations.