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Top Volunteer Opportunities in Santa Ana in 2019

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Want to volunteer or intern at a great Santa Ana nonprofit? Whether you’re new to the city and want to learn about its charities, trying to change up your routine with some local charity work, or just want to volunteer or intern at a neighborhood nonprofit, everyone knows that the best way to find the right place for you is from the people who’ve been there!

Here’s a list of volunteers’ and interns’ favorite Santa Ana charities. Every nonprofit on this list has earned an overall score of 4 or greater out of 5 on If your favorite Santa Ana nonprofit or volunteer gig is missing, find it on, write a positive review, and show your co-volunteers how to start adding reviews and get it on the list!

Back to Natives Restoration5-stars

volunteer working on a restoration project Back to Natives Restoration

“Back to Natives does great work in education and restoration of wildlands with emphasis on California native plants. I took the Restoration Volunteer Training Program that they conduct for the U.S. Forest Service. They also have extensive educational programs for schools, scouts, gardeners, and other groups, and conduct volunteer events for all ages. They have created an extraordinary educational organization and carried out huge restoration projects with all-volunteer labor, all to preserve native species and biodiversity.” –Debby

The Cambodian Family 5-stars

“The Cambodian Family is a proactive nonprofit organization inspired to help not only Cambodian Americans, but also other cultural communities. I have worked with them multiple times and they have always succeeded to leave an impression on me as well as many others. Their mission impels me to take more action in the community and help those in need. Thank you to the Cambodian Family! You are doing a great job!” –Amanda47

The Frida Cinema5-stars

Volunteers and participants at a workshop The Frida Cinema“I’ve been coming to the Frida since it opened almost six years ago and yet even so it feels like words can hardly describe what a wonderful experience it’s been. Being able to see it slowly grow into the premier arthouse theater of Orange County is remarkable in and of itself, but also being able to play a small role in it as a volunteer is an experience that’s truly priceless. I’ve had the opportunity to see great movies, make lifelong friends, and above all, feel like I’m making a difference for our community just by working here. Here’s to another six years of the Frida, and may they be as fruitful as the first six!” –Reggie P.

Corazon de Vida Foundation5-stars

“I spent a weekend doing hearing tests at several orphanages. I was glad to contribute in a small way to the devoted efforts coordinated through Corazon de Vida to improve the life chances and well being of children who cannot live with their own families.” –Gabi190

Child Creativity Lab5-stars

volunteer helping a little girl with her art work Child Creativity Lab“I volunteered at the Child Creativity Lab, and I can honestly say it was a life-changing experience. As soon as I walked in the doors I felt an immediate instinct telling me it was an amazing place. I wish I had a place like this when I was young, and I can’t begin to explain what a gift it is to work with the children there through the amazing program.” –Carligracej

Mercy House Living Centers5-stars

“I first became aware of Mercy House about five years ago during the holidays. Impressed with the way Ashleigh organized the ‘Adopt-a-Resident’ program and the impact it has, I delved further and found an organization that was aligned with how I felt about this issue. Passionate, committed employees who are giving it their all to eliminate homelessness and helping those in the transitional living facilities get back on their feet. I’m proud to be a donor and volunteer and encourage others to do so.” –tmb75

Open Doors with Brother Andrew5-stars

Volunteer giving a little girl a new shirt OPEN DOORS WITH BROTHER ANDREW INC

“I have had a heart for the persecuted church for many years but didn’t know how to get involved. Open Doors provided me an opportunity to get involved as a connector. I learn about the persecuted church and I tell members of my church about it so they’ll know too. It’s a perfect circle of awareness-raising and allows me to do more than just give money.” –Karen P3

Orange County Community Housing Corporation/SteppingUP5-stars

“SteppingUP is changing lives every day. They mentor and tutor youth and guide them in the direction of college after finishing high school. This not only helps the youth they work with, but the whole family as well. As someone who works with homeless youth 18 to 24, I see the difference that could have been made if the youth I work with had SteppingUP involved in their lives.” –buildfutures

America on Track5-stars

volunteers preparing for the org event America On Track“I just started volunteering with America on Track this year, and I’ve loved every minute of it! It’s a wonderful way to create fundamental relationships with others, learn about successful ways to manage life, and blossom into a great leader. I have no doubt that America on Track is doing very good things for the community and will continue to do so for many years to come.” –Volunteer