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Top 6 Rehabilitative Nonprofits

Source: Unsplash

Rehab services are often needed for people and animals as well. Donating to a nonprofit dedicated to making sure everyone in need is able to have access to these services is a very meaningful thing. Below you will find the top six rehabilitative nonprofits that need your help today!

Source: Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Williston, FL

This nonprofit provides service dogs to people who suffer from mental or physical disabilities. They rescue the dogs, train them, and donate them to people in need free of charge. Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is dedicated to providing comfort and stability for those struggling with their mental or physical health.

GAMSD have paired me with an awesome furry friend and I couldn’t be more satisfied and happy! From start to finish everything was awesome, from the entire staff to my new friend for life! The wait was well worth it! The entire staff was very friendly and knowledgeable with everything and has even answered my questions every day since I have left there with my furry friend. The care and patience with their training is evident and since I have returned home I have received nothing but compliments on how well trained my furry friend is and how he conducts himself in distracting areas. If I could give more stars I would! –1HappyVet

Source: Orphan Acres

Orphan Acres

Viola, ID

The Orphan Acres mission is to provide care, support, and rehab for horses that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. They have cared for thousands of horses over the years. Orphan Acres also uses its horses for therapy, and children with special needs often find comfort in them.

Today was my first time volunteering at Orphan Acres, the first of many. I had a great experience during my time here, spending time with the horses and helping around the farm. It’s an amazing thing that Orphan Acres does for these horses, cares for them, loves them, feeds them. I would definitely recommend volunteering at Orphan Acres to my friends — it is something everyone should experience for themselves. –taymorgan10

Source: Center For Independence

Center for Independence Through Conductive Education

Countryside, IL

This nonprofit helps young people with disabilities learn to be independent in everyday life. They have served hundreds of children and funded more than $12 million in motor training services. No one is ever denied because of financial struggles; donations keep this rehab nonprofit afloat and allow countless lives to be impacted.

The Center for Independence is strongly devoted to each and every child receiving therapy as well as their family. What I love most is how the therapist effortlessly integrates smiles, play, and laughter into hardwork and physical gains of independence. –Joanne McNamara C.

Source: Island Dolphin Care

Island Dolphin Care

Key Largo, FL

Island Dolphin Care has programs to support both children and adults with disabilities and chronic or terminal illnesses. Dolphins are used as part of an animal-assisted rehab therapy program designed to educate and calm those who need it the most.

IDC gave my brother some of the best moments of his life after suffering from a debilitating brain tumor. Sarah (Madame Dolphin) and Bella brought a smile broader than I’ve ever seen to his face, and gave his wife and myself the first tears of joy we’d been able to experience in many many months. Although he subsequently passed away, our day at IDC will forever be a memory that brings me peace, joy, and thankfulness. –janeob

Hearts & Horses

Loveland, CO

The mission of Hearts & Horses is to provide emotional, physical, and overall well-being for those with special needs. Riding therapy can be very beneficial to those with special needs since horses are such gentle animals.

My horse and I have been involved with Hearts and Horses for 10 years. I’ve met some amazing people and been lucky enough to be a small part of their lives and she’s gotten top-notch care, lots of love, and a new mission in life. There aren’t enough words to say about how amazing this place is! –Becca A.3

Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation

Bozeman, MT

This nonprofit provides therapeutic services for post-9/11 combat veterans through fly fishing. Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation helps veterans and their families gain peace through positive interactions.

As a veteran and a volunteer for WQW, I can say without reservation that the work this organization does for post-9/11 combat vets is second to none. Their dedicated staff is focused on one thing and one thing alone: the warrior and his rehabilitative experience while attending one of their FXs. Bravo Zulu! –Ryan Patrick L.