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Top 5 Fun Ways to Volunteer with Your Children or Pets this Holiday Season

As the final week of 2012 is upon us, we thought it would be a fun time to promote the best ways to share the experience of volunteering with your children or animals!

 Let’s start with volunteer opportunities for you and your pets.

1) Animal assisted therapy is a great way to bring joy into someone’s life

Check out nonprofits like Canine Companions for Independence or Therapet for ideas on where to volunteer.

2) Take your dog to work day

This is a great way to raise awareness about pet adoption and help some great organizations fund raise. For more information click here.

3) Provide a foster home

Pets which have been abandoned or experienced other traumatic events may need time to be re-socialized before being properly readopted. There’s no better way to do this than to allow the animal to spend time with you and your pet! Head to nonprofits like PAWS for opportunities

4) Participate in a walk or race for charity

Search for your local SPCA and contact them to find out when they’re holding an event.

5) Donate Blood

Like people, animals often require blood transfusions to save their lives. Many places nationwide have animal blood banks for just this purpose.

 Now for volunteer opportunities with your children!

1) Donate to food banks or plan food drives

Look into nonprofits like Feeding America or your local Second Harvest Food Bank.

2) Participate in a planned day of community cleanup

To find one locally view or contact the national Keep America Beautiful office.

3) Bring your children with you to deliver meals

Most areas have a local chapter of Meals on Wheels, find yours here. 

4) Visit nursing homes with your child

Bringing your child with you is a great way to cheer up local seniors. To find nursing homes in your area go to our Senior Service page.

5) Care for animals with your children

Your kids would love the opportunity to spend some time with animals and abandoned animals could surely use the love. Bring them to your local Humane Society.