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Share Quicks Acts of Kindness

(Click the image to get Free Printable Kindness Cards, a project of

Not all acts of kindness require planning and advanced notice.  In fact, people all over the world are spreading kindness right now, instinctively, and often the small acts are the acts that are easy to do and easy to follow.

Doing Good Together, has put together these simple tips for targeted compassion. Use them today and for a list of other ideas, see the full article from Doing Good Together.

Targeted Compassion for Folks You Know

  1. Write a letter to someone you know who could use some extra attention. A real letter. With paper!
  2. Did you use something that made you happy today? Write a thank you for it, either to the person who gave it to you, or to the manufacturer.
  3. Offer to pick up groceries for your neighbor.
  4. Say I love you to someone you love.
  5. Hold the door open for someone.
  6. Help someone with a stroller get up the stairs.
  7. Spend quality time with your pet.
  8. Bring flowers to someone you know who is having a tough day.
  9. Write a note of encouragement and support for new parents.
  10. If someone did a great job for you, write a note to that person’s boss thanking them and commending the good job.
  11. Ask someone “how are you doing” and really listen. Sit down. No multitasking.
  12. Draw a picture for someone you love, especially if you notice they have had a bad day.
  13. Give awards to people who do kind things for you. Give your award a name and make a few awards ahead of time (get inspiration for medals like the Caldecott medal, an Olympic medal, or a Nobel prize). Keep them with you and hand them out as a fun way of saying thank you.
  14.  Keep a “kindness” book in your bag, backpack or purse. Pull it out to read and discuss withyour child. See resources for suggestions.
  15. Keep ingredients for an on-the-go service project in your bag. It might be a few paper lunch bags (along with crayons and stickers) to decorate for Meals on Wheels, or some blank cards and decorating supplies to create a card of thanks or gratitude.

Random Acts of Kindness to Strangers

  1. For anonymous (not-necessarily) random acts of kindness, include a quick note saying “Enjoy!” or “Use me.” Or print on card stock, cut out and then leave one of our Kindness Cards. (Click on article header for Printable Kindness Cards.)
  2. Tape quarters to a vending machine or gum machine for the next person to use.
  3. Leave microwave popcorn bags next to a redbox vending machine.
  4. Pay the toll for the driver behind you.
  5. Pay the bill for the person behind you in line at the drive through.
  6. Buy a lottery ticket and give it to the person behind you in a busy market line.
  7. Each time you get a new article of clothing, give one away.
  8. Put your shopping cart away.
  9. Copy and hang this great poster (from the folks at Kind Over Matter) at your favorite coffee shop, library or store. Check here for other simple kindness ideas.
  10. If you live in a city where people hold signs saying they need money, you could make “care kits” to hand out. Simply fill resealable plastic bags with clean socks, a granola bar or other snacks, lip balm, hygiene items and perhaps gloves or sunscreen, depending on the weather.

This article is contributed by Doing Good Together.  For the full article, click here.