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These 4 Nonprofits Are Reducing Homelessness in California

Photo Source: Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

We all need a stable home to feel safe and secure. Those who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes are often struggling with their health or large financial obstacles in their life and are often left feeling hopeless.

For these individuals and families, there is a place to turn. Many organizations devote their time and resources to helping those who need a helping hand securing a stable home. GreatNonprofits has compiled a list of organizations reducing homelessness. We hope you feel inspired to contribute and help them put a roof over someone’s head.

reducing homelessness
Photo Source: Wounded Warrior Homes Inc Facebook

Wounded Warrior Homes Inc

San Marcos, CA
Wounded Warrior Homes provides transitional housing and services for veterans who served. They help over 1,200 military personnel transition from active-duty to independent living per year while reducing homelessness. Their programs target those veterans who suffer from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“Wounded Warrior Homes is a wonderful organization that serves the special needs of Military personnel that have suffered traumatic brain injuries. The founders of the organization have shown tireless dedication to taking care of anyone that comes to them for help. They offer support in so many ways, as well as hope and opportunities for those in need to get back on their own two feet. They treat each individual with care and respect. In the capacity as a volunteer as well as a sponsor they have been great to work with.” -Wendy157

reducing homelessness
Photo Source: Union Station Homeless Services Facebook

Union Station Homeless Services

Pasadena, CA
Union Station Homeless Services is a nonprofit dedicated to reducing homelessness in the San Gabriel Valley region. They have outreach teams that build trust and help those find affordable housing and shelter. The organization runs a shelter to find permanent homes for the residents within 90 days. They also help with job search and connect homeless individuals with meaningful employment.

“Union Station is a wonderful organization with amazing leadership, staff and participation by the community it serves. My family and I, for a few years now, have been volunteers and donors for their various programs. We believe in the genuine ability of Union Station to help members of our community in transition during difficult times. Union Station nurtures them and gives them the tools to be able to get back on their feet. Thank you, Union Station, for giving us this opportunity to give back and for taking care of our community.” – Mercys

reducing homelessness

Women’s Empowerment

Sacramento, CA
Women’s Empowerment is a nonprofit dedicated to educating and empowering homeless women. They give women the confidence and skills they need to find jobs, create a healthy lifestyle, and find secure homes for themselves and their children. Their programs include a job training kit as well as unpaid training opportunities for professional development. This organization serves over 500 women per year and an onsite childcare program provides healthy meals and educational programs to their kids.

“I became homeless while pregnant and disabled. Women’s empowerment was able to provide the resources I needed to find permanent low income housing and other services needed at the time. They truly care about the women in their program, and holding them accountable for program basics. This is the foundation it takes to rebuild self esteem and self love – necessary tools to be happy, healthy, and successful.” -Volunteer_me

Photo Source: Compass Family Services Facebook

Compass Family Services

San Francisco, CA
Compass Family Services helps homeless families and those at-risk of becoming homeless to secure stable housing. Their services cover all aspects of reducing homelessness, from entry into shelters and re-homing, rental assistance, move-in costs, transitional housing for up to two years, and more. They host a nationally accredited children’s center that uses an educational curriculum specifically to meet the needs of homeless and poverty-stricken children. Their clinic provides trauma-sensitive services for families, including training and education, supervision, and support.

“I was a client in the transitional program of COMPASS. My family survived here in San Francisco because of the help and support of COMPASS Community Services. The staff was very supportive, very patient and understood my situation. COMPASS supported me financially and materially. I received school supplies and guidance during my trainings. Compass staff especially the Transitional Program helped me turn my life around. Today I am self sufficient because of the assistance of COMPASS. Thank you so much COMPASS!!!” -tchokop