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Nonprofits Across the United States Focusing on Autism Research

Nonprofits focusing on autism research
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The goal of autism research is to learn more about autism spectrum disorder. This leads to the creation of better programs and treatment plans thanks to nonprofits across the United States focusing on autism research. It also provides a better understanding of the disorder to parents and loved ones.

According to the Center for Disease Control, about one in 59 children in the United States has autism. With those numbers, you likely know and love someone who has autism.

Many groups are working to come up with new research findings to learn more about autism. Many of them are doing great work that changes the daily lives of those who have autism. The scientific discoveries being made are also crucial to the world at large. If you’re curious about the top-rated nonprofits working in autism research, here’s some information for you.

Nonprofits focusing on autism research
Photo Source: Organization for Autism Research Facebook

Organization for Autism Research

One of the top autism research nonprofits is the Organization for Autism Research. This group is located in Arlington, Virginia. It was founded by seven individuals in 2001, each of them a parent or grandparent to a child on the autism spectrum. What sets the nonprofit apart is the use of applied science to answer common questions from the loved ones of autistic children. This means researching everything from social skills to employment, education, and self-care.

A volunteer with the group, Carla W.2, said, “As a stay at home mom, OAR provided me with the opportunity to continue pursuing my passion of advocating for those with autism. I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, all which fueled my passion, allowed me to interact with amazing professionals, and help me grow professionally! The organization is professional and family-friendly!

Since this organization has been founded, it has funded over $3.6 million in autism research. The group has also supported 100 grants for pilot studies. It has funded grants for people with autism who are attending vocation schools or college after high school graduation. The group has published many guides about the disorder and created a job portal for people with autism.

Photo Source: Autism Science Foundation Facebook

Autism Science Foundation

Based in New York City, the Autism Science Foundation gives funding and help to organizations conducting and publicizing autism research. In 2017, the group handed out almost a million dollars in funding to science initiatives and research fellowships. It also funds vital research to learn more about the causes of autism and the best treatment options. Information is provided to the public so they can better support people they know who have autism.

Vanessa V.2, someone from the area near the nonprofit, said, “ASF is an amazing organization that is active in all aspects of improving the lives of those affected by Autism Spectrums Disorders. The ASF organizational activities encourage and promote quality research and collaborations that are truly changing the landscape of what is known about Autism and driving change in the science and care of those with ASDs.

The Autism Science Foundation has provided about $3 million in funding to scientists since 2009. This nonprofit is often sought out by major media sources like USA Today, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Nonprofits across the United States focusing on autism research
Photo Source: Alpine Learning Group Inc. Facebook

Alpine Learning Group Inc

Alpine Learning Group from Paramus, New Jersey, focuses on changing the lives of those with autism by offering scientifically-validated, innovative services for a wide range of people. This organization works with both children and adults and has a large assortment of programs. There are school programs, transition and clinical services, and social skills groups.

A client of the organization, Kim_11, said, “There is no better school for autism than Alpine in the world. They use behavioral teaching methods that are scientifically proven to be successful, have extraordinarily well trained, caring and deeply committed staff and Bridget Taylor, the founder and leader of the school, and far and away the best and most knowledgeable educational professional in the field of autism.

This group is internationally known for its research and scientific methods. In 2016, it opened the Ely Center for Adult Learning, which offers on-going education and employment for adults who have autism. Alpine Learning also offers short-term behavior interventions, diagnostic evaluations, and many clinical services. A business academy is open for adults from 18-21 that focuses on job placement and sampling.

Autism is something that affects many people on a personal basis. Research can impact our understanding of the disorder. It also creates better opportunities for those who have autism. By supporting nonprofits like these, you can help build knowledge affecting millions. Autism is only now becoming understood and known. This makes things easier for those who have the disorder. Without funding and volunteer work, these nonprofits could not do everything they set out to do.