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Leverage Social Media For More Donations This Giving Season

Social Media for More Donations
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Social media is the place where millions of conversations are happening daily. Facebook recently reached 2.45 billion monthly active users, and the average Instagram user spends close to an hour a day on the platform. For charities, using social media as a tool can help reach a broader audience and as a result, receive more donations.

Having a consistent social media presence should be on your marketing strategy. It is essential for building brand awareness and engaging with your supporters. With the Holidays well underway, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared by following these tips to leverage your social media during the Giving Season:

1. Pick the Right Social Media Channels 

Unless you have a big marketing team, it will be difficult to maintain the presence of your organization on all the channels, as well as handle your website and email marketing. Pick one or two social media channels that would serve your interest best. Facebook is a great platform for nonprofits, as well as Instagram. The latter includes features like “Instagram Stories” that allow you to post in a slideshow format that people can easily access and view.

2. Tell Your Story 

A well-told story is the most powerful tool for a nonprofit. Create an emotional connection with your followers by telling the story of your organization and the impact you’re making on your community. Facts and figures help support your story, but faces and testimonials are more compelling.

Social Media for More Donations
Photo by via Unsplash

3. Create a Hashtag for Your Nonprofit 

Marketing on social media is all about creating a unique experience for your user and nothing does it better than a distinct hashtag for your nonprofit that will help people recognize you. Whether it’s for a campaign this Giving Season or a hashtag for your nonprofit, it will help people understand the causes you support. It will also help them find you easily in the clutter of other posts, making you stand out.  

4. Optimize the User’s Mobile Experience 

Most people nowadays use their phones for online transactions and hence, the content you create must be mobile-friendly. You need to optimize your website for mobile viewing so that when people switch to it from social media platforms, they don’t have difficulty accessing through it. You can also make use of mobile-friendly platforms to receive donations like Paypal, Apple Pay, and other apps.  

5. Create an Ambassador Program 

Social Media for More Donations
Photo by Anna Earl via Unsplash

The best part about social media is that you can build a community with your most engaging fans. You can create an ambassador program or ask them to create a page where they could tell the story of your nonprofit, attracting even more people to donate to your charity.  

6. Educate Your Followers 

How much does the audience know about you? Your nonprofit’s social media focus should not be asking people to donate. Don’t be too pushy, but ensure your point gets across. Your communication should aim at engaging people enough so they would want to donate.  

Keep in Mind the 80-20 Rule for Leveraging Social Media

On your social media channels, you need to drive in more engagement, and the 80-20 rule does a great job at that. Have about 80% of your communication related to your organization. Talk about how you help and the people you help. On the other hand, spend 20% of the time seeking donations. It helps offer a more human feel, while reaching those seeking causes to donate.