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“I want to go home. I want to take a bath and be with my friends.” – Child survivor

Save the Children

6 year old Kosuke (pseudonym) and his father told us about the earthquake when it hit.
“When the earthquake occurred, I fled with my son and pregnant wife to an elevated location,” said Takahiko, the father. 20 minutes later, the family saw the large waves in front of their eyes.

“The large waves swallowed our house. But right after, a bigger, bigger wave came towards us and swallowed everything. It was so scary. When the water went down and we went to go see our house, there was nothing left, and my favorite toys and collectible cards were gone.

The family is taking shelter at a hospital now. “I want to go home. I want to take a bath and be with my friends,” Kosuke told us. (from their blog)

They also updated how the donations can be used for the children:

3000 yen (app. $37) will buy 3 beach balls, 4 jump ropes, and 3 soccer balls that a group of children can use to move around.

5000 yen (app. $61) will buy 5 notebooks, 12 sets of crayons, 3 sketchbooks, 12 sets of colored pencils, and one pencil sharpener for a group of children to draw with.

10000 yen (app. $123) will buy 2 picture books, 50 sets of origami papers, 3 sets of clay, 4 stuffed animals, 2 sets of board games, and 2 sets of puzzles for a group of children to play creatively with.

Save the Children also set up four “child-friendly spaces” where the children in relief shelters can interact with staff and other children.