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How to Give Back Based on Your Hobbies

As we approach the holidays, many nonprofits count on your generosity to make it through another year. But how do you choose which organizations to support? This giving season, consider donating to nonprofits that align with your hobbies, passions, or pastimes.

We’re highlighting some of our Top-Rated organizations in hopes you will discover one that sparks your interest. However, you can always find even more reputable nonprofits, from all over the world, on our website,

Hands Across the Sea

Reading or Writing

If you love to snuggle up with a good book — or like to write stories of your own — perhaps you’d be interested in donating to a literacy organization this giving season. These organizations develop reading and writing skills for underserved communities, giving them access to the joy of learning. Please consider supporting these organizations:

  • Hands Across the Sea is dedicated to increasing literacy of schoolchildren in the Caribbean through the love of reading. 
  • Anne Arundel County Literacy Council provides free and reduced cost literacy, math, ESL, and GED courses for low-income adults and at-risk youth.
  • Beyond Basics offers literacy enrichment for low-income and at-risk children through individualized tutoring, improved reading skills, and mentorship programs.
A volunteer teaching a young kid how to draw. Source: The Art of Elysium


Is art your passion? There are plenty of nonprofits that serve others through painting, sculpting, drawing, and other art mediums. Please consider supporting these organizations:

  • The Art of Elysium helps children, adults, and seniors triumph over trauma, emotional pain, and hardship through art.
  • For Love & Art brings the art experience to those with limited mobility and then showcases their work in the community.
  • Art of Recycle raises awareness about environmental responsibility while also developing artistic talent.
Waste Not, Want not volunteers


Do you want to help others develop a love for gardening? Or do you want to use your green thumb to give food to those in need? Consider supporting one of these nonprofits this giving season:

  • Waste Not, Want Not prevents food waste and gives it to those in need. Volunteers take food from local gardeners and deliver to homeless shelters and food pantries. 
  • Ample Harvest encourages local farmers and gardeners to donate their unused produce to those facing food insecurity.
  • Community Grows plants gardens in low-income communities and teaches them about gardening. These gardens also give residents access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Education Through Music


Share your love of music by donating to an organization with the same passion. These nonprofit organizations, and others like them, recognize the important role music plays in the lives of children, adults, and their communities. Please consider supporting these organizations:

  • Education Through Music provides access to music education for students who would otherwise not have the options. Operates in low-income schools and schools where music education funding has been cut.
  • Midwest Young Artists Conservatory builds confidence and cultivating life skills in youth through music ensembles and performance. 
  • MusicLink Foundation gives low-income children the chance to develop their emerging musical skills. The organization partners a talented child with a music teacher who offers lessons at a free or reduced rate.
Source: Recipe for Success Facebook Group

Cooking or Baking

If the kitchen is your favorite room in the house, why not donate to an organization that cultivates that same passion in others? There are nonprofits all over the country dedicated to helping children learn to cook, building skills in young adults, and providing baked goods for those less fortunate. Consider partnering with one of these organizations this giving season:

Want to find more incredible nonprofits? Check out and search for organizations that share your passions.