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5 Top-Rated Food Charities to Give to this Holiday Season

By Charlotte Dauphne Maples

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The holiday season is around the corner, and many children will have more than toys on their minds. The sad reality is that an empty stomach is a near-constant distraction—or worse—for many children and their families. Please consider donating to one of these worthy food charities that fight hunger year-round and bring comfort in the form of warm, nourishing meals to all those in need.

Minnie’s Food Pantry (Plano, Texas)

“Minnie’s Food Pantry rolls out the red carpet for everyone—the people they serve, the volunteers who donate their time, and the donors who donate food and money. The team ensures that every person who walks through the doors of the building are served with a smile and a hug. No matter how big or small the difference is . . . they encourage everyone to just make A DIFFERENCE. And Minnie’s does just that for thousands of families every year.” —Kristina21

Donate to Minnie’s Food Pantry




Hunger Fight (Jacksonville, Fla.) Minnie's Food Pantry

“Hunger Fight has helped me find a way to make a difference in my local community. The founders and supporting cast are attentive, compassionate, and completely professional at all times. They helped me realize the power $1 has toward stopping hunger.”


Donate to Hunger Fight


Community Food Warehouse (Sharon, Pa.)

“I love volunteering for the CFW. My friends and I volunteer regularly and help with events. I see the constant dedication and love that this nonprofit organization does on a daily basis to help individuals in our community. We love to see that our volunteering goes a long way. The Community Food Warehouse helps with senior food boxes, the backpack program, and lots more!” —Hay1234

Donate to Community Food Warehouse


Be The Change Sunday Meal (West Warwick, R.I.)

Be The Change - food charities to give to “Today, I went to the food pantry for the first time. I was nervous and felt embarrassed because I have never had to rely on anyone for food before. My experience was wonderful . . . I registered in a few minutes and was shopping before I could blink. We filled TWO large canvas bags with necessary vegetables, staples, and snacks and then a bag of bread and another of “specials” including meat, fresh salads, salsa, stuffing, and so much more. I’m so grateful because SNAP is good, but just doesn’t make the month. I am relieved that Be the Change is here for me . . . it’ll help our family of four make the month!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! From the bottom of my heart!!” —Mikki2

Donate to Be The Change Sunday Meal



Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties (San Jose, Calif.)

“Thank you for all you do to help our community. I have seen friends and family fall on short times and you have been there for them during the times that count. THANK YOU!” —Sammie Candy V.

Donate to Second Harvest Food Bank