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Fixing boilers so that people can take a bath

As I was looking through the various reports by the nonprofits, I found that two organizations, Civic Force and Peace Winds were working together in making baths for those still living in shelters. In Japan, taking baths is a very important part of the people’s lives, so this overlooked effort means a lot. Also, these efforts mean that the rebuilding process is just beginning.

Civic Force

(pictures from Civic Force blog)

In Minamisanriku-chou and Oofunato-shi, construction for baths has started. They made a temporary bath house with 2 baths and a couple of changing booths.

When the architects started construction, the people in the evacuation centers came to watch. One woman said:

“Women take a bath once a week at the bath set up by the Japanese self-defense force (which is only accessible by bus), but the men refrain from taking baths so the women can bathe, even if they have worked hard. I want them to be the ones to bathe first in this new one.”

The staff were touched by the woman’s compassion and thoughtfulness even through the worst situations.

But Civic Force is running into some problems trying to use old boilers that are fueled by wood, as the water continues to be dirty no matter how many times the architects try to fix it. They hope for it to be fixed soon!

Peace Winds

Peace Winds also set up a temporary bath place in Ofunato city:

(pictures from their blog)

They have a facebook too, where they are updating what they are doing. Someone has translated their posts in English so you can understand it.