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Why Donating Blood is Good for You

donate blood
Nurse assisting someone ready to donate blood. Source: Hush Naidoo via Unsplash

Donating blood is one of the most helpful things someone can do for their community and even the world at large. Blood donation is often used to help people with a variety of conditions, following traumatic injuries with substantial blood loss, or some other medical necessity. Not only is it a helpful process, but it is also incredibly safe and ensures that the donor and recipient are protected at all times throughout the process.

Getting Started

The first time that a person donates their blood, they must complete a screening process in which their hemoglobin is measured. You’ll also be screened for proper weight and to ensure that you have no medical conditions that disqualify you from the donation. Keep in mind you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Must weigh at least 120 pounds
  • Have a valid identification
  • You must not be taking antibiotics
  • Must not have any significant organ diseases
  • You must wait 12 months after getting a tattoo
  • Must not have had a recent surgery

One of the most common reasons that people are unable to participate in blood donation happens to be due to low hemoglobin. It’s helpful to consume foods that are high in iron prior to testing.

Person donates blood for American Red Cross
Source: American Red Cross

Benefits of Donating Blood

There are numerous benefits to donating blood. Such benefits include:

You will save lives

Without blood donation, some people will lose their life. Your blood could mean the difference between life or death for some individuals. Remember, almost 90% of people who can donate often don’t. That means that there is certainly a need for more people to participate.

It only takes an hour

Blood donation is not a lengthy process. All it takes is about one hour of your time, and then you can get back to your regular activities. During that hour, about one pint of blood is taken from your body and then given to someone else as the medical need arises.

You can give over and over

Blood donation can be made every eight weeks and up to six times per year. Think of the number of lives you can impact by participating in blood donation that many times in a single year!

There is not much pain involved

Other than the initial poke of the needle, blood donation is not a painful process at all. Most people sit comfortably and read a book or take a nap during the process.

A child out there is healthy and living, thanks to blood donations. Source: Jose Ibarra via Unsplash

Where to Donate Blood

Sometimes, people are unsure of where they can go to donate. The American National Red Cross is one of the most popular groups to donate simply because there are several options to choose from. Red Cross often posts up at local community areas such as some places of employment, schools, churches, etc. The process is very streamlined, and they even keep in touch with donors to let them know when they can donate again.