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Considering Online Volunteering?

Written by: Maria Losada

When you think about volunteering, you may not think of sitting behind a computer screen. But online volunteers are doing things like developing business models for NGO’s in Pakistan or translating films produced in Colombia to increase global reach, all from the comfort of their own homes. In our global digital age, volunteering is definitely not what it used to be.

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The Benefits of Volunteering Online

Flexible Schedule

Being a virtual volunteer is perfect for people with busy schedules. Teacher by day, graphic designer for the ChildFund Laos by night.

No Commute Needed

Online volunteering eliminates the need for commuting. You can use the time you’d spend on delayed subways or in rush-hour traffic working on a volunteer project. It’s a money-saver too.

Global Reach

If you want to help a community abroad, expenses such as airfare, housing, insurance, and food can be daunting. As a virtual volunteer, you’ll be able to make a global impact without leaving your living room.

How to Get Started As A Virtual Volunteer

VolunteerMatch lists hundreds of virtual volunteering opportunities all over the globe.
Source: VolunteerMatch


Translators without Borders:

Break down the language barrier by volunteering as a translator for NGOs around the globe.

onlinevolunteer-2Source: Translation Without Borders


This nonprofit seeks volunteers who have IT knowledge to provide technical help to underserved communities.

onlinevolunteer-3  Source: InterConnection

United Nations Online Volunteering Service:

This UN website will connect you with many virtual opportunities such as project management or graphic design.

onlinevolunteer-4Source: Online Volunteering Service

Skills for Change:

This site matches users with online volunteer projects according to their unique interests and skills.

onlinevolunteer-5Source: Skills for Change

World Volunteer Web:

Established in part by the United Nations, this site supports the volunteer community and serves as a guide for every aspect of voluntary service.

onlinevolunteer-6Source: World Volunteer Web


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