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8 Funniest Videos That Might Just Save The World

Comedy and nonprofit issues don’t normally go together, but when done right, even the most dire issues lead to some pretty funny (and inspiring!) videos.

Here are some nonprofit videos that sent our staff at GreatNonprofits into a fit of giggles. They were just too good not to share.

1. Watch Pope Francis fight climate change like a boss!

Why We Love This Video: What grabbed our attention the most was seeing this alter-ego version of the Pope don boxing gloves and throw some punches.
The Moment We Lost It: 0:30

2. Which is hotter: Ian Somerholder or global warming?

Why We Love This Video: Who would think that Ian Somerholder and global warming have so much in common? The scientific facts about the environment and opinions of Ian Somerholder come together perfectly.
The Moment We Lost It: 0:58

3. See just how far you would go to save the environment from deforestation.

Why We Love This Video: This video shows the hard way to prevent deforestation and the easy way. Although the hard way is much more entertaining, it also shows what is actually doable.
The Moment We Lost It: 1:59

4.This is why we shouldn’t take reproductive health for granted

Why We Love This Video: The comedic sketch shows a lofty take on what women in other countries actually face.
The Moment We Lost It: 2:23

5. “Call Me Maybe” + puppies = adorable perfection

Why We Love This Video: With just some new lyrics and adorable pups this song takes on a whole new meaning.
The Moment We Lost It: 0:46

6. This one will make you incredibly grateful for oral contraceptives

Why We Love This Video: Not only does it show some of the weirdest contraceptive methods that people actually used, but it connects them nicely with the main message that women need family planning AND contraceptives, not one or the other.
The Moment We Lost It: 0:36

7. Watch Jim Parsons literally stand up to cancer

Why We Love This Video: Jim Parsons’ isn’t afraid to take on any role and make it awesome. The video message that everyone – not only celebrities – can make a difference is really prominent throughout.
When We Lost it: 1:02

8. What if people were as loud and passionate about the environment as they are about sports?

Why We Love This Video: Many people are passionate about the environment, but it often expressed differently than how people express it while watching sports. This video shows how the our two passions aren’t as different as we think.
When we Lost it: 0:57

What nonprofit videos make you crack up? Tell us in the comments below!