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5 Nonprofit Recycling Programs You Can Support Today

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Americans create about four pounds of trash per person every day. That adds up to about 1.5 tons of waste every year per individual. Roughly 75% of that trash is recyclable, but Americans only actively recycle about 30% of it. Nonprofit recycling programs are hoping to change the way we think about our waste, our planet, and our responsibility.

These GreatNonprofits Top-Rated recycling programs are making a difference, one plastic bottle at a time. Please consider donating your time or financial resources to help their cause.

You can also learn about other nonprofit organizations in your area on the GreatNonprofits website

Art of Recycle

Art of Recycle

Ephrata, PA

Art of Recycle inspires artists, both young and old, to use the resources around them to create more beautiful communities. Using recycled goods, this recycling program offers a free crafting area for children, adults, and families as well as a supply area for teachers and other professionals. 

The program encourages creativity, sustainability, and personal expression. This unique nonprofit serves about 25,000 individuals in Pennsylvania every year, plus many more through their online outreach.

“I teach and facilitate art education in several ways, and Art of Recycle will not only help me do it in a more ecological, economical, communal, and inspiring way – they’ll do all that while growing from our connection and thereby helping more people with every patron they influence. My head was spinning from how sublimely impacting this model of cooperative economy can be.”

-Client Served


Container Recycling Institute

Culver City, CA

CRI‘s mission is to make America a global leader in the collection and recycling of packaging materials. Through two main areas of focus – education and research/innovation – this organization is helping to create a world where there is no waste. 

By educating the public about recycling programs and environmental sustainability, CRI is raising awareness about packaging waste and its impact on the earth. Through their research and technical assistance programs, CRI helps manufacturers and municipalities create more sustainable practices that will benefit everyone.

“CRI has been an invaluable resource for me as I work to improve recycling and reduce waste in my State. Their data, expert analyses, and helpful staff make them a unique and special organization. I can’t imagine how much more difficult my job would be without their assistance.”

-Sarah, Professional with Expertise in this Field

Ample Harvest. Source: GNP Page

Ample Harvest Inc.

Newfoundland, NJ

Ample Harvest is committed to reducing or eliminating food waste while simultaneously providing food for low-income at underserved populations throughout the country.

This food conservation and recycling program identifies areas of potential food waste and then utilizes those areas to fill food pantries and stick other food programs. Ample Harvest educates the public about food waste in America, funds research into garden food waste, and works with clergy to encourage congregations to limit food waste and feed the hungry.

Each year, some 9,000 food pantries in all 50 states benefit from Ample Harvest’s influence and work.

“Innovative approach to reducing food waste. Making a significant impact to provide fresh food to reduce poverty and alleviate starvation.”

-Janice, General Member of the Public

Source: Ruth’s Org Facebook Page

Ruth’s Reusable Resources

Portland, ME

Ruth’s Reusable Resources – or “3Rs” – recycles unwanted and discarded office supplies to equip school-aged children with the resources they need for the classroom. This environmentally-conscious approach to school supply distribution is a unique way to help protect the environment while also allowing low-income children to go to school with everything they need to succeed.

Since 3Rs was founded in 1994, they have donated more than $78 million in office supplies, books, furniture, and other supplies for STEAM learning to schools throughout Maine. Each year, an average of 7,000 students receive supplies.

“From colored pens, dry erase markers, mechanical pencils, items for a classroom prize box to books (new and used), Ruth’s is the first place I look for the things I need for my classroom. Not only does Ruth’s provide financial savings to school districts but to individual teachers, who often spend out-of-pocket money on items for the classroom.”

-jtwilson, Client Served

Inside reDiscover Center

reDiscover Center

Los Angeles, CA

reDiscover encourages creativity and innovation by turning discarded household items into repurposed, hands-on learning tools for children, teens, and adults. The Center provides power tools, safety materials, and training to give kids a hands-on learning environment in which they can create whatever they imagine. Using repurposed materials, children and adults can learn necessary building skills while also building self-esteem and strengthening their imaginations.

Each year, reDiscover Center serves more than 11,000 youth and 6,000 adults. 

“I love ReDiscover. They allow the recycling of industrial materials to be used in a creative way for schoolchildren that is fun and whimsical. Taking part in that can spur the imagination of kids and adults alike to create and reuse and repurpose to great heights. They are definitely an invaluable resource for the community, an asset to Los Angeles.”

-Cora, Client Served

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