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10 Most Reviewed Nonprofits of 2020

At GreatNonprofits, we connect donors and volunteers with some of the best organizations around the world. However, to connect these nonprofits with the people who support them, we rely on reviews and stories from people like you.

These are the 10 most reviewed nonprofits of 2020. Each organization is making the world a safer, more equitable place through their tireless efforts. And their contributions have garnered recognition from both the people they serve and the volunteers and donors helping them expand their services.

Read on to learn more about these organizations. Please consider donating to these nonprofits, or visit our website to find organizations in your area.

local food banks
San Antonio Foodbank

San Antonio Food Bank

San Antonio, TX

Since 1980, the San Antonio Food Bank and its partners have served counties throughout Southwest Texas. Currently, their food distribution projects feed more than 58,000 food-insecure individuals each week in 16 counties throughout the state.

In addition to providing immediate needs for food-insecure Texans, the San Antonio Food Bank believes in giving clients the ability to move toward self-sustainability. Therefore, the program offers job assistance, training, and other services to help individuals and families move toward self-sufficiency.

We are extremely grateful to the food bank for having a large variety of fresh veggies, fruits, and low-cost items. It’s heartbreaking to see children who are hungry and then see their happy faces as they leave with bags of food. Thanks to the food bank, feeding our families is a blessing. –Bea Cantu

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Southern Poverty Law Center

Montgomery, AL

The SPLC promotes equality in all aspects of life, including the justice system. Advocates and attorneys represent victims of hate crimes and discrimination, as well as those in marginalized communities who face unfair and unreasonable criminal and civil charges.

In addition to representing the most vulnerable populations, the SPLC also promotes education and advocacy in communities throughout the South and nationwide. Through their efforts, the SPLC hopes to create a more equitable society for all citizens.

They stand up for the poor in our society who would otherwise not have an advocate on their side. –kenbonerigo

Houston Food Bank
Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank

Houston, TX

The Houston Food Bank is working to end both hunger and food waste across Southeast Texas. Through a variety of programs designed to both serve the food insecure and educate citizens about food waste, the Houston Food Bank impacts hundreds of thousands of people in 18 Texas counties.

Each year, the program serves more than 122 million meals through its programs in various locations in and around Houston.

It is a great organization and serves the neighbors and friends in Houston that need a bit of help to make it to the next month. –jaxnfranqui

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Duquesne, PA

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is a proud member of Feeding America. This nonprofit organization serves 11 counties throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, providing necessary food and other items to help families facing food insecurity.

Poverty continues to grow throughout Pennsylvania. The GPCFB has seen a rise in the number of employed people utilizing the food bank as well. With local donations of food, money, and volunteer time, the organization can serve even more people.

The food I receive is good and nutritious and goes a long way in extending my food budget. Every volunteer and employee I’ve met has been wonderful and extremely helpful. –Tom
North Texas Foodbank in Action. Source: Facebook Page

North Texas Food Bank

Dallas, TX

The North Texas Food Bank has been working to eliminate hunger in the Lone Star State since its inception in 1982. Now, they serve individuals and families in 13 counties, working with more than 200 partner organizations to provide nutritious meals to those in need.

This organization not only provides a food pantry and plated meals for children, adults, families, and seniors, but also teaches clients about nutrition and healthy diets. In addition, the program provides food during disasters to local communities.

Great organization, great mission. Great people. Very well organized and a pleasure to volunteer there and help make a difference. –karenkaf

Danny & Ron’s Rescue

Camden, S.C.

Danny & Ron’s Rescue began in 2005 when the pair rescued more than 650 dogs left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Since then, the nonprofit has expanded, rescuing animals from puppy mills, dogfighting operations, shelters, and other inhumane situations. Many of these animals end up in Danny and Ron’s home, experiencing love and companionship they hadn’t known before.

The organization also provides pet food and other supplies to elderly pet owners and those living in poverty.

This rescue really works with someone to get a great match with the best interest of the dog in mind. The care and love these dogs receive are exemplary. –C.Adams
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The Greater Boston Food Bank

Boston, MA

The Greater Boston Food Bank works to eliminate hunger in eastern Massachusetts. Through sustainable practices, the organization finds creative and unique ways to source food for those facing food insecurity. The program ensures its offerings are nutritious, giving the best possible products to their clients.

The organization consists of more than 550 hunger relief agencies throughout the area, collectively serving 545,000 people every year.

I am a family physician, and I care for many patients with hypertension, diabetes, or both. At the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, we realized that many of our patients could not afford healthy food. We started screening all patients with the Hunger Vital Sign and learned that 67 percent of our patients were food insecure! We partnered with Greater Boston Food Bank and Project Bread to offer a monthly mobile market and assistance with SNAP enrollment on-site at the health center. –Liz_Q

St. Mary’s Food Bank

Phoenix, AZ

St. Mary’s Food Bank’s mission is to provide nutritious food to those in the community while also encouraging self-sufficiency through education, advocacy, and support. The Food Bank is one of the largest in the country, distributing upwards of 100 million pounds of food to clients each year.

St. Mary’s serves clients throughout Arizona, covering 81,000 square miles, including many food-insecure Native American tribes.

My husband and I are new residents to the Phoenix area and were looking for a way to start participating in our community. We were told about St. Mary’s food bank and the volunteer opportunities. Great staff (and music) keeps the event quick paced and fun! Amazing sense of satisfaction to help assemble ~1,800 boxes of emergency food in a two-hour shift each time we volunteer. –jaybee1230

Northern Illinois Food Bank

Northern Illinois Food Bank

Geneva, IL

The Northern Illinois Food Bank relies on more than 900 community partners, from grocery stores to private donors, to feed those in the community. The organization and its partners serve more than 500,000 people every year across 13 counties.

The nonprofit’s mission is to end hunger in northern Illinois by providing nutritious food, but also providing support for families and individuals to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

One day, while working at NIFB, a distressed single mother phoned in desperately seeking milk and food for her children. Her spouse had not delivered her support, and she had neither food nor money to feed her children with. She was frantic with the thought of her children going to bed hungry, and she didn’t know where to turn. The staff was able to immediately direct her to an agency that could compassionately assist her. Not only does NIFB aid in feeding hunger, but they also provide amazing support to the agencies, allowing compassionate support through people’s most difficult hours. Bravo to them! –CatieBarron


Gleaners Community Food Bank

Detroit, MI

Gleaners Community Food Bank provides more than 43 million pounds of nutritious foods to some 520 partner organizations throughout eastern Michigan. Many organizations benefit from the Food Bank’s support: soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior homes, and other nonprofit agencies serving the food insecure in the community.

In addition to providing food to helping agencies throughout Michigan, Gleaners also offers cooking classes, back-to-school supply drives, food deliveries to those in need, and much more.

I often tell my friends that if all nonprofits were run like Gleaners, our world would be in a much better state. They are efficient and resourceful; nothing goes to waste. They truly care about the dignity of their clients, they cherish and respect their employees, and everyone I know who works there really works their fingers to the bone to get things done. –Sarahmaria

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