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10 Children’s Charities That Need Your Help

by Charlotte Dauphne Maples

Children's charities

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society and therefore most in need of our support. We are part of a larger family – a community, a nation, the whole world. An African proverb says it best – It takes a village to raise a child!

Here are 10 nonprofit organizations and charities that specifically help children, teens, and their families:

Shoes That Fit, Claremont, CA

Shoes That Fit tackles one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play and thrive.

On numerous occasions Shoes That Fit has assisted our families, many times on the same day the shoes were requested. In addition, through donations they have blessed a few of our families with jackets at Christmas time. Shoes That Fit is a true blessing to many!!!” – Kim_Prancevic

Donate to Shoes That Fit


Education for Successful Parenting, Raleigh, NC

The need for Education for Successful Parenting’s (ESP) program empowers young adults with the information and life-planning skills they need to form a healthy family and works to reduce rates of teen pregnancy, absent fathers, and child abuse.

“Education for Successful Parenting has come to speak to my health classroom for the past 3 years. This program has been an asset to my class and has helped enrich my curriculum more than I ever could. It is refreshing for the students to hear a different perspective and they really respond to learning about what it really takes to be a successful parent.” – cdavies9

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Camp Sunshine, Casco, ME

Founded in 1984, Camp Sunshine provides retreats combining respite, recreation and support, while enabling hope and promoting joy, for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families through the various stages of a child’s illness.

“My family went to camp with my brother while he was sick and we have continued going to bereavement sessions since his passing. Recently my parents have become volunteers and I look forward to doing the same when I’m old enough. Camp is an amazing place that has done so much for my family, and I have made friendships with both the other teens and volunteers that will last a life time.” – MattOConnell

Donate to Camp Sunshine


GAP Ministries, Tucson, AZ

GAP’s mission is simple: Standing in the GAP for those in need. Bringing help to children, healing to families, and hope to the community.

“I am so impressed with the care and love that the house parents give to these precious children! Through no fault of their own, they have been put in a vulnerable situation and can not fend for themselves. Then, here comes GAP MINISTRIES to the rescue, to bring provisions, to bring love, and to bring HOPE once again to these children!! In the words of Jesus, “let the children come unto me”. Thanks to all the hard workers and volunteers that make life a whole lot better for many kids today!!” – svargason

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Youthlinc, Salt Lake City, UT

The mission of Youthlinc is to create lifetime humanitarians. Their core programs are based in principles from educational and service learning research – student leadership, hands on sustained service which creates an emotional bond, mentoring, project based and cooperative learning.

“Youthlinc has been a blessing in my life. I learned so much when I traveled to Kenya with them back in 2015. It was an unforgettable memory and helped me grow more love for service. Youthlinc’s whole goal to create lifetime humanitarians and they definitely made one out of me.” – KorynnGus

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Junior State of America Foundation, Burlingame, CA

The mission of the Junior State of America and the Junior Statesmen Foundation (JSA) is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society.

“The Junior Statesmen Foundation, in short, changes lives. There is no doubt in my mind that our future members of Congress, educators, politicians, and country’s leaders will consist of many individuals who have been served by this organization. Students learn to delve into our Nation’s most pressing issues, work to promote civic engagement, and inspire those in their community to get involved. I have worked with this organization as both a student leader and as a summer staff member and can say I have never seen any single group of people change the lives and broaden the minds of young people like the Junior Statesmen Foundation.” – JordanD94

Donate to Junior State of America Foundation


Hope Stone, Inc., Houston, TX

Hope Stone, Inc. unlocks the innate creativity of young people and adults through our arts outreach programs with a vision of art for all.

“Hope Stone reaches hundreds of children a year with mindful arts education taught by passionate, seasoned professional artists in multiple disciplines. The instructors teach love, respect, self-discipline, and countless other invaluable life skills while providing the highest quality instruction. The joy of a Hope Stone classroom is indescribable.” – Ashley158

Donate to Hope Stone Inc.


Knights of Heroes Foundation, Monument, CO

Knights of Heroes empowers children who have lost their fathers during military service by providing positive adult mentorship, character development, and lasting friendships forged during an annual wilderness adventure camp.

“All three of my children love Knights of Heroes! They all really needed this so much! To have a mentor that spends time with them and does challenging activities with them that a father would be doing with them. Also, to be around other kids who understand how they feel means more than words could ever say. It meant so much to me to be able to spend time and to be able to connect with the other mothers/widows who were there while our kids were at camp. My children and I am so very grateful to you all for making this happen! The kids came back with so much more self-confidence in themselves all around and they were so happy! One of my sons was so sad to leave that he had tears in his eyes saying good bye to his mentor.” – Grateful4

Donate to Knights of Heroes Foundation


One Heart Source, Los Angeles, CA

One Heart Source (OHS) is an entrepreneurial non-profit organization that designs and catalyzes education programs that empower vulnerable people and communities with choice and opportunity. The organization’s model of international mentorship connects university students, professionals, families, and retirees to vulnerable youth and communities across cultural, social, and economic boundaries.

“This program is the greatest thing that one can do with their summer. I went and had my eyes opened with new experiences, and a new sense of awareness of this world. In Cape Town, I was made aware of the hope and togetherness of a community that I didn’t know was possible. I was part of that hope and I was part of that togetherness that even made me feel hopeful for the futures of those young children. The program is well put together. The staff is determined. The peers you meet are as friendly as can be. The students are eager. Overall, the sheer passion that surrounds this Nonprofit is simply inspiring.” – rlee0214

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ONE Spirit, Rapid City, SD

The ONE Spirit mission is to assist the Lakota people in preserving and revitalizing the Lakota culture, language, and self-sufficiency while meeting the basic needs of Lakota families, children, and elders.

“If you’re hoping to help Lakota families, One Spirit is the only non profit endorsed by the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council. It’s unprecedented and speaks to how highly regarded an organization they are. 90% of every donation goes DIRECTLY to the oyate…not to salaries or overhead.” – Lisa547

Donate to One Spirit